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Bachelor Nation is trying to raise $100,000 to free Corinne’s nanny

God bless the internet and whatever comedic genius decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to free The Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios’ nanny.

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Olympios has been making waves on the show for doing things like taking her top off and making Bachelor Nick Viall cup her boobs in front of everyone, giving long-winded speeches about how she’s not there to make friends (rookie mistake, Corinne!), stealing Nick from every other girl multiple times a night but throwing a fit when someone steals him from her and really just being generally terrible. But on this week’s episode, she left the other girls speechless when she revealed that, at 24 years old, she has a nanny named Raquel to make her bed and bring her snacks while she’s working.

Now, Mark Chandley from Beverly Hills, California, is trying to raise $100,000 to “free Raquel.” Chandley wrote on his GoFundMe page, “Raquel deserves better. We can only hope that she doesn’t already suffer from Stockholm Syndrome from living under Miss [Olympios].” He also claims that the money is going to go to Raquel, or if he can’t track her down, will be returned to the people who donate.

Honestly, does anyone think this is a serious crowdfunding attempt? Clearly not, because it’s only raised $130 of the $100,000 goal as of Thursday morning. The only person who seems to be taking it seriously is Corinne, who posted a pissed off Instagram about it.

“This is not a joke anymore someone took this way too far and is trying to make money for themselves,” she wrote. “Raquel is not a slave and my family and I treat her like part of the family. Leave it alone already it’s getting old. Grow up. #raquelisfree #celebnanny.”

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