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Samantha Bee is spot on with her Kellyanne Conway and Cersei Lannister comparison

In the Game of Thrones, you win or die. The Game of Presidents is a bit less harsh, but distressing nonetheless. In this game, Kellyanne Conway is the equivalent of Cersei Lannister before she went all badass. She is heavily underestimated by her opponents, who do not understand the lengths to which she’ll go to climb the career ladder — or in Cersei’s case, to ascend the Iron Throne.

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According to Samantha Bee, Conway is a master of deception. She knows how to appear demure and nonthreatening, but those who underestimate her do so at their own peril. After all, she’s capable of accomplishing quite a bit while people look the other way.

As Bee noted during tonight’s episode of Full Frontal, Conway’s rise through the political ranks was nearly as unexpected as Donald Trump’s. Just a few months before she was appointed campaign manager, Conway was perfectly happy to trash Trump’s platform and behavior. Remember: She was originally a strong Ted Cruz advocate. She changed her tune quickly, however, and now, she is all too happy to dodge questions left and right, all in the name of making the guy responsible for her big promotion look good.

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Near the end of tonight’s segment on Conway, Bee made a comparison that was just too good to pass up: Kellyanne Conway as the real-world version of Cersei Lannister. No, Conway’s nowhere near as horrible as the Lannister lady we so love to hate, but she is clearly willing to say one thing and do another if it means she’ll move into a more powerful role. She’s also blond, beautiful and very cunning — you have to be in order to get someone as controversial as Trump elected!

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Sometimes, real-world political drama is just as crazy, if not crazier, than that portrayed on our favorite high-budget television shows. No, we don’t have White Walkers or dragons to contend with, but there are plenty of other legitimate reasons to be anxious going forward. Here’s hoping that the Trump presidency ends on a different note than King’s Landing did in Season 6.

What do you think of Samantha Bee’s Kellyanne Conway comparison? Humorous or unfair? Comment and share your opinion below.

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