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GoT‘s Khal Drogo is back from the dead, just on another show

I have an incredibly important announcement to make, guys, so you should probably drop whatever you’re doing and bring it in real quick. Khal Drogo is back from the dead. Well, sort of. He’s back in the form of Declan Harp in Netflix’s Frontier. Declan is played by Jason Momoa, the same man who gloriously brought Khal Drogo to life. But make no mistake: Declan and Drogo may be two separate men, but they share very similar personality traits.

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Can you really blame Momoa for returning to what he knows? I mean, the man is the embodiment of raw, pure, masculine coolness. Is it any surprise that he is, yet again, playing a rebellious type with a (sometimes literal) axe to grind? If I’m perfectly honestly, Frontier will be a hit mostly because of Momoa and the Drogo-esque energy that he’s bringing to Declan.

Here’s proof that Declan and Drogo are basically the same guy (and we’re more the blessed for it): 

Declan has a perma-scowl, just like Drogo

Khal Drogo Scowl
Image: Giphy

You know that when Momoa throws on the signature scowl, it’s about to go down. Drogo’s scowl always meant he was about to go in on his enemies and teach them a thing or two; Declan’s scowl signals precisely the same thing in the Frontier trailer.

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Neither man is afraid to get his hands dirty

Frontier Declan Netflix
Image: Netflix U.S. & Canada/YouTube

At various points in the Frontier trailer, you see Declan wasting no time getting down to the business of bashing skulls. Declan is not afraid to get his hands dirty, as Canadian frontiersman go, and Drogo has displayed to us time and again that he isn’t bothered by spilling a little blood. He’s a man on a mission and the time that Frontier is set in almost guarantees that things are going to get very messy when there is conflict at hand. But honestly, what could be better than watching Momoa take down his enemies in such a ferocious manner? It’s one of the reasons we loved him as Drogo.

Declan and Drogo are outliers (sometimes literally)

Frontier Netflix
Image: Netflix U.S. & Canada/YouTube

Declan appears to be wandering the Canadian wilderness at one point in the Frontier trailer, possibly relating back to the big loss he suffered that was mentioned by another character. No doubt, his ability to live in the wild and thrive there will play into his ability to outwit those Hudson’s Bay Company goons out to capture him.

We’ve seen this wilderness living-and-thriving bit before: Drogo and the Dothraki lived out in desert-like terrain and thrived there. Those kinds of living conditions have a way of making tough men even tougher (so don’t mess with ’em).

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They’re two men diametrically opposed to bigger governing forces

Khal Drogo Fight
Image: Giphy

Let’s be real. Both men are natural-born leaders, but they’re also not about to take orders from “the man.” Drogo was often bent on leading his people his own way, rarely bending to the wills of others. That kind of defiance of traditional leadership was passed onto his wife, Daenerys Targaryen.

For Declan, he’s a wanted man who has no intention of getting captured. After breaking off from the Hudson’s Bay Company, he’s been raising hell for them and making sure that business doesn’t go smoothly. There’s definitely a deeper reason for his defiance against the bigger authority here and his rebellion against that recalls the days of Drogo’s defiance too.

Declan and Drogo have experienced deep suffering

Frontier Declan Jason Momoa
Image: Netflix U.S. & Canada/YouTube

These men know pain. They feel it. They wallow in it. They know what’s up. It’s hinted in the Frontier trailer that Declan suffered a great loss, possibly causing him to break faith with his former employer, the Hudson’s Bay Company. There will no doubt be an exploration of his internal brokenness and suffering in Frontier, arguably only serving to make his character even more complex.

Drogo, as we all know, was on the other side of the suffering coin. Rather than experience the loss of someone he loved, he was the loved one who was lost. His tragic and untimely death from arguably the most treatable wound on Game of Thrones (not that I’m still bitter about it or anything) was a total gut-wrencher. Drogo’s death was the impetus for a lot of Daenerys’ actions, but his suffering only illustrated what an important character he really was.

They are the ultimate tragic heroes

Khal Drogo Dying
Image: Giphy

Who doesn’t love a good tragic hero? Both Declan and Drogo manage to channel their feelings of loss, alienation, idealism and pure desire for domination over their oppressors into tangible ferocity. Declan, through Momoa’s portrayal of him, revives the essence of Khal Drogo to the point that it feels like we may actually have Drogo back once again. Declan, too, is poised to be another great tragic hero if the tone of the Frontier trailer is maintained in the actual show.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Declan actually makes it through one whole season without getting killed off.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Game of Thrones FB Season 6 slideshow
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