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If you don’t support Trump, Scott Baio says to ‘grow up’

Scott Baio has been pretty outspoken when it comes to his support for President-elect Donald Trump, and now he’s taking aim at Trump’s detractors.

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Baio has a message for all those voicing their concern over a Trump presidency: “Grow up.” According to Page Six, Baio added, “I was nervous for eight years with Obama. I had to suck it up and deal with it. Do the same, and maybe your country will be a better place than it was.”

Baio has no doubt in Trump’s competence and stated that “He’s a fighter, and he won’t let anything slide.” Adding, “So many Republican nominees always feel like they want to stay above the fray, and they get maligned and crushed with negative publicity, and they don’t do anything about it.”

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And according to the publication, Baio is hoping that Trump does make good on his promises, including defeating ISIS, lowering taxes and building a wall along the Mexican border. He’s also a supporter of Trump’s use of social media, namely Twitter, which he believes “got him where he is.”

In fact, Baio believes that future generations can learn a thing or two from Trump and his work ethic: He states, “These young people out there, I hope they learn from Trump that hard work gets you what you want and what you need. It’s not about going to safe spaces and wearing a safety-pin and hugging a puppy. The world is going to kick your ass when you get out of school, and you better be ready for it.”

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Do you agree with Scott Baio’s statement about Donald Trump’s detractors? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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