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All eyes are on Gigi Hadid’s ring finger

Gigi Hadid may have had a change of heart.

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A source close to Hadid told Life and Style magazine that her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, proposed over the holidays, but that she said no.

“Zayn recently asked Gigi to marry him. She’s only 21 and doesn’t feel ready to tie the knot, so she turned him down,” the insider said. “She’s seen her mom go through two messy divorces, so Gigi wants to make 100 percent sure Zayn’s the one before she makes a lifetime commitment.”

Now, though, Hadid is sparking engagement rumors due to a suspicious piece of jewelry she was seen wearing on that finger — because, you know, Hadid can’t wear a ring on that finger without people thinking she’s engaged.

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The ring was a very simple gold band — not the flashy, huge diamond we’re used to seeing when two celebs of Hadid and Malik’s caliber get engaged. But still, it was on her wedding finger, and she was wearing casual workout gear and no jewelry other than that ring, hence the rumor mill beginning to churn.

Regardless of whether Malik has talked her into accepting his proposal, he and Hadid are definitely going strong. When she won the International Model of the Year award at last month’s British Fashion Awards, he was super-supportive.

“Zayn wasn’t with Gigi to personally congratulate her, but he did make sure to let her know how proud he is of her. He had 3 dozen red and pink roses delivered to her in London,” a source said. “Gigi of course was blown away and dedicated the award to Zayn. She told him that he’s the reason she won. That he makes her a better person, and without him she wouldn’t be as confident as she is today.”

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