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10 ways Season 6 of Grimm is basically Harry Potter

Despite this being the last season of NBC’s Grimm, there are so many amazing elements coming out of it. For example, Season 6 is basically Harry Potter. Yes, that’s correct. Grimm = Harry Potter.

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If you consider yourself a huge fan of both Grimm and HP, then you have most certainly noticed just how much the drama is like the famed book and movie franchise. We’re only two episodes into the new season, and there have already been so many similarities.

Who knows if Grimm will continue on the Harry Potter route, but we certainly hope it does. There’s no doubt the show stands out in its own way, but it’s hard to ignore the commonalities shared. With that said, take a look for yourself.

1. The stick

Grimm's stick and Harry Potter's elder wand
Image: NBC, Warner Bros.

The mysterious healing stick Nick has his hands on absolutely resembles the Elder Wand. Both are beyond powerful and here’s hoping the stick is once again hidden far away from Nick and anyone else who knows about it. Its power is all-consuming, which isn’t a good thing. Maybe the stick should just be broken in half like the Elder Wand?

2. The stick’s effect

Nick Burkhardt and Ron Weasley
Image: NBC, Warner Bros.

As stated above, the stick has a ton of power. In Season 6, Episode 2, Nick started showcasing a dangerous connection to the stick. He can’t seem to stay away from it. That sure sounds like when the horcrux began taking its toll on Ron and Harry. Fans know how that all played out, so let’s hope Nick can keep his distance and use the stick responsibly.

3. Evil Renard

Sean Renard and Voldemort
Image: NBC, Warner Bros.

Renard is now pretty evil and also the villain of Grimm. He definitely resembles You Know Who. His end goal is to take down Nick, which is like Voldemort going after Harry. So far, Renard doesn’t seem to be as dark and terrifying as Voldemort, but he could easily go down that road.

4. The cloth

Grimm cloth and Marauders Map
Image: NBC, Warner Bros.

The cloth wrapped around the stick is giving us vibes of the Marauder’s Map. They’re both magical, have interesting symbols and are even sometimes invisible to certain individuals. To learn more about the cloth, maybe they need to say, “I solemnly swear I am up to no good,” and they’ll figure out its true purpose.

5. Transformation

Grimm Renard, Harry Potter polyjuice
Image: NBC, Warner Bros.

Grimm characters turning into other people isn’t something new, but in Season 6, it sure looks like Nick is going to turn into Renard (above). That sure is an awful lot like whenever any Harry Potter character drank polyjuice potion and turned into someone else. The only major difference here is that the process on Grimm seems to be more painful.

6. Trust me knot

Grimm's trust me knot, Harry Potter's unbreakable vow
Image: NBC, Warner Bros.

In the second episode of the final season, Adalind performed a trust me knot spell, aka a blood oath, binding Renard and Nick to one another. If one or the other didn’t follow through with the terms, then they would die. In Harry Potter, there is the unbreakable vow, which involves two individuals making an oath to one another. Like the trust me knot, if either of them breaks the vow, then they will die.

7. The tunnels

Grimm Tunnels, Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets
Image: NBC, Warner Bros.

Every time Nick and his friend enter the tunnels underneath his loft, does anyone else think of the Chamber of Secrets? They’re both dark, filled with the unknown and a map is needed to help people get around.

8. Diana

Grimm's Diana, Harry Potter
Image: NBC, Warner Bros.

There is still a lot unknown about Diana, but one thing remains certain. She’s like Harry Potter in many ways. They are both powerful, not to be messed with, magical and hold the key to many unsolved mysteries. Who knows if Diana will end up saving the day like Harry, but there’s a chance.

9. Adalind’s ring

Grimm Adalind ring, Dumbledore horcrux ring
Image: NBC, Warner Bros.

Does anyone else think the cursed ring Bonaparte forced Adalind to wear sounds awfully similar to Marvolo Gaunt’s ring, aka a horcrux, that Dumbledore put on in The Half-Blood Prince?

10. The police station

Grimm Nick, Return to Hogwarts
Image: NBC, Warner Bros.

It’s not so much of a problem at the moment, but when Grimm‘s final season began, Nick had to stay out of the police station because he was Portland’s most wanted. That definitely reminded us of when Harry had to stay away from Hogwarts, but then made his triumphant return in the Deathly Hallows.

We told you Grimm is just like Harry Potter, so you should probably most definitely check it out when it airs Fridays at 8/7c on NBC.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Harry Potter Easter eggs slideshow
Image: The CW

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