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Young royals urge people not to ‘keep quiet and carry on’

Prince William, the former Kate Middleton and Prince Harry gave a powerful speech about mental health in London on Tuesday.

The young royals, who are passionate advocates for mental health, joined forces to unveil the next phase of their Heads Together campaign at the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

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The Duke of Cambridge took to the floor first, saying, “Mental health matters to each and every one of us. It matters just as much as our physical health.”

The trio emphasised the importance of talking about our mental health and any struggles we might be facing. “It is no exaggeration to say that conversations — simple conversations — can be life-changing: in a workplace, in your kitchen at home, with a friend, family member or colleague,” said William. “And that’s what Catherine, Harry and I want to do — we want more people to be having those conversations.”

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“We have seen that two heads are better than one when dealing with a mental health problem,” said Kate. “Yet, the challenge that so many people have is not knowing how to take that first step of reaching out to another person for help. Admitting that they are not coping. Fear or reticence or a sense of not wanting to burden another means that people suffer in silence — allowing the problem to grow larger and larger unchecked.”

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Heads Together was launched by William, Harry and Kate last year in partnership with eight leading mental health charities and three founding partners. The charity has been chosen as the Charity of the Year for the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon, with a team of over 500 Heads Together runners raising funds and “leading by example by starting conversations on mental health with their families, friends and colleagues.”

People of Britain, it’s time to loosen those stiff upper lips and start talking about mental health without fear of being judged. It could help save a life.

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