Of course Justin Bieber isn't digging Selena Gomez's new romance

Jan 17, 2017 at 7:56 a.m. ET
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In recent weeks, the media has been focused on Selena Gomez's romance with The Weeknd, and apparently her most famous ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, has some thoughts on it.

And he's not exactly playing the role of a supportive ex.

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According to TMZ sources, Bieber reportedly thinks Gomez is just using The Weeknd for a career opportunity.

We get it. No one wants to see their ex move on, and it must be even worse when every move is documented by the media so you really can't avoid seeing it play out, but this new report doesn't exactly paint Bieber in the best light.

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The sources claim that Bieber feels as though Gomez is simply using The Weeknd for promotion because she wants to release new music — and apparently, the pair are currently collaborating on music together.

The site also claims that Bieber feels as though Gomez has a bit of a pattern when it comes to the men she's hooked up with in the past: She dates men she wants to collaborate with. Among Gomez's past hookups, TMZ names Bieber, Nick Jonas and Zedd.

And this has apparently resulted in Bieber "rolling his eyes" at the news of Gomez's new romance.

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Um, let's hope that's not the case because that would be petty, right?

Do you believe the report about Justin Bieber's feelings on Selena Gomez's new romance? Share your thoughts below.

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