David Charvet’s misogyny on Celebrity Apprentice is disappointing

We loved Brooke Burke-Charvet on Dancing with the Stars, but aren’t convinced that she’s pulling her weight on Celebrity Apprentice. It doesn’t help, however, that her husband is willing to let her fail so long as it means he can hang on to his self-perceived masculinity.

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During the first half of tonight’s episode, the big challenge involved a photo shoot highlighting the versatility of Kawasaki motorcycles. The guys’ team (led by Carson Kressley) took some big risks, while the ladies (led by Kyle Richards) aimed to show just how empowering Kawasaki can be for female riders. Sadly, despite offering some truly stunning images, the gals fell short — and we think David Charvet was largely to blame.

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Kawasaki really wanted both teams to push the envelope, and at first, it seemed like the female team might succeed in that regard. Burke-Charvet was supposed to present an image of female empowerment by posing on the front of a motorcycle while her husband grasped her waist. Unfortunately, her husband was incredibly opposed to that idea. He didn’t think it was authentic for Burke-Charvet to sit in front and him behind because they would never do that in their real-life relationship.

Brooke Burke
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We sort of get Charvet’s reasoning, but he came across as very insecure in his masculinity. After all, it really doesn’t matter how he and his wife ride a motorcycle in the real world — they just need to tell a story in a photo shoot. Then again, we doubt Charvet was truly concerned about the authenticity of the image. Ultimately, he just didn’t want to be seen on the back of a motorcycle.

We were especially annoyed when Charvet whined about Arnold Schwarzenegger thinking of him as a wimp. Seriously? Even if Schwarzenegger thought that, he probably has no idea who Charvet is, nor does he care one iota if the husband of a Celebrity Apprentice contestant looks slightly feminine in a random photo.

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In the boardroom, Schwarzenegger highlighted the ridiculousness of Charvet’s refusal. Schwarzenegger said that he would happily pose for a photo behind a female on a motorcycle, especially if it led to a significant check to the charity of his choice.

Ultimately, the blame for the gals’ loss still rests with Richards. She could have chosen a different picture to use in the campaign, but she decided to stick with the least groundbreaking photos. If there’s a real loser, though, it’s David Charvet.

Did Kyle Richards deserve to be sent home? Or should Brooke Burke-Charvet have been held accountable for her team’s loss? Comment and share your opinion below.

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