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Drake reportedly wants something Jennifer Lopez just won’t give him

DraLo may be the hottest new couple, but if the headlines are to be believed, there’s plenty of drama in Drake and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship.

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According to In Touch Weekly, the latest speed bump has been that Drake is dying to take things to the next level with JLo. The magazine reports that he really wants to settle down and have kids, but Lopez, who is already mom to 8-year-old twins Max and Emme, isn’t interested in expanding her brood.

She’s done having babies,” a source told In Touch. “But Drake’s at a point in his life where he wants it all — a hot partner and the kids. It’s causing problems.”

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Is it their age difference that’s causing them to disagree? Drake is 30, while JLo is 47, which could explain a lot about why they don’t agree about starting a family together. It’s probably more likely, though, that Lopez’s famous commitment issues have something to do with it — after dating her ex-boyfriend Casper Smart for five years, Lopez still refused to marry him, she revealed during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres after their breakup.

And just to add to the drama that DraLo is already facing only a few weeks into their relationship, Smart apparently isn’t happy about Lopez moving on, and has plans to try to get revenge on her for starting a new relationship.

“He’s trying to sabotage the relationship,” an insider said. “He’s been blowing up JLo’s phone.”

And reports say Drake’s ex Rihanna isn’t down with it either. A source told In Touch that RiRi thinks her former friend Lopez is desperate, and that’s why she’s dating Drake.

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