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Lamar Odom calls his near overdose ‘basically just committing suicide’

Lamar Odom hasn’t been particularly public about his life since a near overdose in a Nevada brothel almost killed him in October 2015.

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But he’s appearing on The Doctors this week, and In Touch Weekly reveals that he’s going to share a lot of the details behind his overdose, including that his drug-fueled party week in Nevada easily could have killed him.

Did I feel ashamed about some of the choices I made? I was basically just committing suicide,” he says.

Odom was found unconscious at the brothel and rushed to a nearby hospital before being airlifted to a hospital in LA. He was put into a coma and on life support, and it was revealed later that he had several strokes and was suffering from kidney failure. Khloé Kardashian called off their divorce temporarily to stay by his side during his treatment.

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“I wasn’t in a good place mentally, especially mentally, before the incident happened,” Odom continues on The Doctors. “My wife at the time, we were going through some things. I was in a dark place. So, I guess they say everything happens for a reason. So, I guess the reason is, I’m here and I can tell the story.”

Odom has stayed quiet about what happened during his hospital stay, but for the first time, he’s speaking out about the aftermath of his near overdose.

“I couldn’t talk. Nothing would come out when I would open my mouth. So I was scared,” he says. He also said that he didn’t know he was in a hospital until Kardashian told him, and that every day he would forget where he was and why he was there.

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