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15 ridiculous memes and GIFs that perfectly sum up The Young Pope

A common question people were asking after they watched the premiere of The Young Pope tonight: Just how many drugs are the creators of this show on, exactly?

Now, don’t take this question as a bad thing. The Young Pope is definitely out there, but in this beautiful, elegant, fascinating way that deserves applause.

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It’s weird and eccentric and wildly amusing to watch.

Oh, and it provided us some GIF and memes that will go down in internet history. Move over, Kim Kardashian, because it was Jude Law’s butt that broke the internet tonight.

The Young Pope
Image: HBO

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And while Law was gallivanting around our television screens, people were racing to their computers to bask in it with the rest of the world.

1. Keep it cool

2. The young pope meets the Obamas

3. When the job application says you need 5-plus years experience

4. When you take over Twitter

5. He’s beauty and he’s grace

The Young Pope GIF
Image: Tumblr

6. When the Simpsons get in on the joke

7. When you’re young, good looking… and, oh, the freaking pope

8. You don’t own me

9. The OG chain-smoker

10. Coffee, please

The Young Pope GIF
Image: Drunk on Fairy Blood/Tumblr

11. Tell Jesus the bitch is back

12. The Young Pope à la Madonna

13. Oh, yeah

The Young Pope GIF
Image: Broken Michael/Tumblr

14. He’s young… He’s pope…

15. The four stages of viewing

Cue the mic drop.

Jude Law dancing
Image: Wiffle GIF

Until next week, my Pope-alicious friends.

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Did you think The Young Pope premiere was as awesome as the internet takeover that followed?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

cross dressing actors slideshow
Image: Focus Features

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