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Kim Kardashian West’s not commenting on her robbery, but Khloé is

Kim Kardashian West has not publicly addressed her Paris robbery, which happened on Oct. 3 of 2016, however, her sister, Khloé Kardashian, has.

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Several weeks after Kim’s terrifying ordeal came to light, Khloé shared her thoughts on the robbery and how it served as a major wake-up call for the rest of the family to take their own security more seriously. And on Thursday, Jan. 12, when there was a new development in Kim’s case, Khloé was available once again to share her thoughts.

During an interview with E! News, Khloé was informed that suspects in connection with Kim’s robbery case had been charged, and she was glad to hear it. According to TMZ, four suspects were officially charged on Jan. 12, including a 63-year-old man identified as Yunice A. Yunice A is believed to have been charged with armed robbery in an organized gang, kidnapping and criminal association.

But Khloé also wanted to share her complete disgust that her sister was robbed in the first place.

“It’s just disgusting that someone would rob anybody, whether you’re the poorest of the poor or the richest of the rich. No one deserves to be treated like that, so I think anybody should be accountable for those actions that they do,” she confessed.

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But the fact that there has been a positive development in the case, according to Khloé, brings comfort because it was a “really traumatic experience,” not just for Kim, but for everybody else involved.

She’s right. Once those involved have successfully been brought to justice, hopefully the entire family (the Kardashian-Jenner clan as well as Kanye West) can work at putting this terrible ordeal behind them.

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