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Police just got involved in Robin Thicke & Paula Patton’s custody battle

Update: Jan. 13, 8:30 p.m. PT: People magazine reports that police were called to Paula Patton’s Calabasas home to settle a custody dispute.

According to the magazine, Patton sent someone to pick up her son, Julian, from school on Thursday, even though it was her ex-husband Robin Thicke’s turn for custody. Julian didn’t return to school on Friday, and that evening, police were dispatched to Patton’s house.

Police ultimately decided that the dispute was “a non-event” that “involved a child not wanting to go with someone,” and they allowed Julian to stay with Patton.

According to Thicke’s lawyers, “Paula sent someone to school to intercept Julian, in violation of the custody orders.” They also claim that “Julian only shows any evidence of emotional harm when questioned by Paula or in her presence.” Another source close to the family said the opposite: “Julian has made it clear he does not feel safe in his father’s presence, a fact confirmed today by the Malibu Sheriff’s Department determination — with Mr. Thicke present — that the child needed to remain with his mother.”

Original story:

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s divorce was amicable, but now they’re engaged in a bitter custody battle over their 6-year-old son, Julian.

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Thicke is being investigated on charges of alleged abuse.

At the beginning of the year, Julian reportedly told his school officials that his father had spanked him more than once. The school reported the incident on Jan. 3 to the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services, which subsequently opened a case, sources familiar with the situation told TMZ.

This resulted in Patton denying Thicke access to Julian and filing an emergency order with the court requesting that Thicke’s interaction with their son be limited to monitored daytime visits only. In the legal documents, Patton reportedly told Thicke, “Julian is scared of you.”

The site also reports that in Patton’s declaration, she revealed that Julian had told her (the day before he told the school) that Thicke had spanked him “really hard,” and when she asked him to demonstrate, she agreed that it was painful. In addition, a school official reportedly also submitted a declaration stating that Julian told her that Thicke often “punches” him very hard.

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According to Us Weekly, court documents state that the department has already interviewed Julian and was scheduled to interview Thicke on Thursday, Jan. 12.

However, Thicke denies any wrongdoing. In the court documents obtained by Us Weekly, Thicke states, “On a very rare occasion and only as a last resort, I will use light spanking, but it is consistent with the law — open hand on the butt. This is the type of discipline to which Paula and I agreed during our marriage.”

He reportedly also feels that the decision to get the court involved is a revenge tactic on his ex-wife’s part because he reportedly denied her and her family access to his late father Alan Thicke’s funeral last month.

“It is my belief that Paula holds residual anger towards me because I and my family would not permit her or her family to attend the funeral of my father on December 20, 2016,” Thicke reportedly alleges in the documents. Before going on to state that Patton and Alan did not have a close relationship and this is the reason why she was not welcome at the funeral.

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He also claims that Patton’s desire to attend Alan’s funeral was only “because it would have resulted in additional public exposure for her.”

But as ugly as this case is, Thicke appears to have already won a legal victory. Us Weekly reports that a source close to the situation revealed that a “judge denied everything in [Patton’s] complaint” and that “Child Protective Services didn’t see any evidence of wrongdoing.”

Are you surprised by this custody battle between Robin Thicke and Paula Patton? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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