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Kody Brown and his wives are now exiled from their polygamist church

After a crazy, scandal-filled year, Radar Online reports that Kody Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives family have been kicked out of their Utah church.

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The polygamous offshoot of the Apostolic United Brethren takes issue with how the family has made polygamy look to the rest of the world, an insider told the site.

“From day one, Kody pitched the show as a documentary, but a lot of people in the faith think that this has become a straight-up reality TV show for ratings,” the source said.

In the last year, the Brown family has been at the center of scandal after scandal, from Kody’s wife Meri being catfished online to constant rumors of divorce and money problems tearing the family apart.

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise to viewers after Maddie Brown tried to get baptized in the church during a 2015 episode but was instead sent a rejection letter saying that her family was too public and that she could only be baptized there if she disowned them.

“This has been brewing for a long time and Meri’s catfishing scandal was the final straw,” the insider told Radar. “It was a huge, kind of war in the church. The church elders told Kody that he would never be welcomed back, even if the family moved back to Utah.”

The source continued, “Polygamy is not an easy path but they made it look like kind of a joke. People really live this way and it’s a hard life to live. When the Browns sit there and put themselves on TV but won’t discuss the real issues they face and instead look for ratings, of course people in the religion are going to get annoyed at how they’re being portrayed.”

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