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People are, like, so jealous they can’t party with Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson has done a pretty decent job of staying out of headlines lately.

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At least until now.

Wilkinson was reportedly downing tequila shots on a plane before she got into a tiff with another woman that stopped just short of someone throwing punches.

I almost got in a fight with this woman on a plane. We’re coming back from Vegas, it was a 45-minute flight — we’re a little drunk,” Wilkinson told TMZ at the airport, clearly still tipsy from her tequila-fueled flight. She told the site that she had been taking tequila shots with another passenger when a woman behind them got upset that they were being loud. Wilkinson has her own theory though. She said the other passenger “was jealous as fuck that she couldn’t party with us.”

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No physical confrontation happened, and Wilkinson ended up getting off the plane without any other issues, which is kind of impressive if she was actually shooting enough tequila fast enough to almost get into a fight on a 45-minute flight.

Her reps didn’t release any comment about the incident, but Wilkinson replied personally to reporters on Twitter, writing, “I was fucked up,” with a few laughing emojis.

Love her or hate her, you’ve gotta respect the way Wilkinson plays the game. That’s a pretty epic level of zero fucks given.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Kendra Wilkinson family slideshow
Image: Kendra Wilkinson/Instagram

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