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No one will be surprised if Prince Harry & Meghan Markle get engaged in 2017

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship is serious: They’re not afraid to flaunt their love for the whole world to see, they spend all their spare time together (they’ve also made their romance international), and Markle has even got the approval of Queen Elizabeth II. So we really wouldn’t be surprised if an engagement was in their future.

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And apparently, fans of the couple aren’t the only ones who feel that an engagement is in the cards, because an E! News source recently revealed that those close to the couple believe there will be an engagement announcement sometime this year.

According to the source, “Harry is truly in love,” and “They’re very serious.”

This isn’t the first time that the word “engagement” has been mentioned with regard to Prince Harry and Markle. A source previously told E! News that Harry’s more serious about Markle than he has been about any woman before and that they wouldn’t be surprised if the prince had already thought about an engagement.

Living life in the public eye can have pitfalls when it comes to relationships, and the constant scrutiny is no doubt difficult, but Prince Harry and Markle seem to have found a way to keep their relationship pretty private (when they’re not strolling down the street flaunting their affection). Most recently, they enjoyed a trip to Norway, and over New Year’s the couple spent time together in London.

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And with things going so well, the next logical step would be an engagement, right?

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