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Samantha Bee reminds us that President Obama wasn’t perfect

We’ve seen a lot of romanticizing of President Obama in the final few days before Donald Trump’s inauguration. Some of that is to be expected; Democrats and many Republicans are terrified of the implications of a Trump presidency. For some, even George W. Bush is starting to look like a mighty fine president in comparison to what lies ahead.

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Also, there’s just something charming about all those Obama-Biden memes and pictures of Obama hanging out with babies and toddlers. It’s harder to imagine a cute picture of Trump with babies (although he did used to hang out with Grimace).

Samantha Bee
Image: TBS

And then there are the speeches. Barack Obama has always had the ability to transfix a crowd with the power of the spoken word. Such was the case yesterday, when he gave a farewell speech that had people on both sides of the aisle wishing for another eight years of Obama in the Oval Office.

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The dread of a Trump presidency is leading some liberals to look at the entirety of the Obama presidency with rose-colored glasses. Former critics seem to have forgotten the very issues they took Obama to task for just a few short years ago. Not Samantha Bee — she’s happy to remind us that, in some ways, a Trump presidency wouldn’t look as different from an Obama presidency as we think.

Bee’s chief example? Immigration. For all his talk of forcing Mexico to pay for a wall (talk that he has backpedaled a bit on in recent weeks), Trump’s immigration policy is actually just an extension of what has already been happening these past few years. Although, to be fair, he would probably ramp it up.

During tonight’s episode of Full Frontal, Bee reminded those who have been busy glorifying Obama that he definitely had his issues, and that in many ways, he has made it easier for Trump to take action via executive orders. She primarily focused on the issue of immigration, highlighting the many deportations that took place while Obama was in office.

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Bee makes a good point. Yes, Democrats are bound to think fondly of Obama after he is no longer president, but remember: There were some real concerns about his presidency. If we regard politicians with rose-colored glasses, we’re less likely to hold them accountable when they fall down on the job. Instead of wasting time with nostalgia, it’s time to move forward and deal with a Trump presidency as best as we can.

Are you feeling nostalgic now that President Obama is about to leave the White House? Comment and share your opinion below.

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