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Mariah Carey’s manager has a strongly worded message for Tommy Mottola

Mariah Carey’s team is firing back.

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After Carey’s disastrous New Year’s Eve performance and the letter her ex-husband wrote to her saying she should “hire more seasoned and respected professionals to help her with her career,” Carey’s longtime manager, Stella Bulochnikov, is sticking up for her boss.

How dare he! Whose career has he managed in 15 years? He couldn’t walk a day in our shoes. We work our asses off. I wear bigger heels than his balls,” Bulochnikov told In Touch Weekly. “Since I started working with her, Mariah has had nothing but unbridled success. Her career has not taken a hit. Everything that she has touched since I started managing her has been a huge success.”

Bulochnikov is responding directly to the open letter that Carey’s ex, Tommy Mottola, wrote to her and released to the media. Mottola, who was a Sony Music exec in the ’90s, helped launch Carey’s career, and the two later ended up getting married.

“I would never have encouraged her or guided her to do something like a reality television show!!!!! I don’t get it!!” he wrote in his letter. “That does absolutely nothing for her integrity, her credibility, or her massive talent!! She should take a step back, think carefully and figure out what to do next. That is what she does best… most certainly none of these issues or problems ever existed with her in her early days at Sony for the first 10 years when she skyrocketed to global superstardom!! Where absolutely meticulous and methodical attention was paid to every single detail and nuance that went on into her career!”

Mottola’s letter came after Carey botched her performance at Dick Clark’s annual New Year’s Eve event. She reportedly wasn’t able to sing because her earpiece wasn’t working and she couldn’t hear her backing track. She later claimed that she had been sabotaged to boost the show’s ratings.

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