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The Bachelor keeps getting more extreme in its dating tactics

Each year, The Bachelor seems to get a bit more out of touch with dating and relationships as time is going on.

Nick questions Liz’s attempt to date him on TV since she met him before and had a chance to get to know him previously before the show aired.He questioned her motives, but I think he needs to ask himself the same questions.Is he here for love or fame?Maybe both.Nick is no stranger to the TV dating format and it has not worked out for him in previous attempts, so what makes this time different?He is more popular now. When he was cast in the group of men and on Bachelor in Paradise, he chose to end the relationship (which was different from the times before he was rejected).So, it is a bit confusing to figure out his true intentions.While, the show labels him as heartbroken and searching for love, the women seem to question this.I wonder if Nick is certain to what he is looking for?He does not need to be on TV for love, but maybe fame is something he seeks as well.

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The drama and antics on the show seem to be more laughable this season. The silliness with the games and set ups the show continues to use on this group of women and Nick is ridiculous.In real life, you do not have to win a competition to get time with a person you would like to get to know.The games are for entertainment, but do nothing for relationship building.Some women in this group seem to feel that they need to up their game to get Nick’s attention.The less aggressive women have to take a back seat to more aggressive styles, but in the end if true love prevails, aggression will have nothing to do with a real relationship forming.

One lesson to learn here is that seeking attention from a male is not indicative of a healthy forming relationship, it just means that you have caught their attention for the moment.I think some of the women need to remember that love is a long-term process and not short term attention.

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