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Taboo just made winter feel a tad bit colder

I’m not sure what the point of Taboo is, exactly, but I’m in for the ride, that’s for sure.

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The show is the darkest of the dark, rivaling others like American Horror Story and Penny Dreadful. Fans are already hooked after tonight’s premiere.

From the gritty cinematography to the violent plot points, Taboo doesn’t hold back from exploring the dark depths of humanity. But the premiere felt a little bit like it was just slapping us around with all of its doom and gloom.

Tom Hardy’s character Delaney spends his time grunting in his gravelly voice, tearing out the throats of the people he hates using his teeth and having crazy visions that seem to suggest there’s a darker taboo within Delaney… something witchy.

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The show seems to pit Delaney against the others who would steal his land, but is that really going to keep us all going with intrigue for eight episodes?

There’s got to be more. But I think exploring that is going to be half the fun of this new series.

I hope the show will further delve into Delaney’s time in Africa and his mixed white and Native American heritage. Delaney’s strange visions seem to point us right in the direction of discovery.

Otherwise, Delaney amounts to some unexplainable cannibal version of James Bond in the early 19th century — interesting to watch, but will we be stuck watching without ever feeling sure where our empathy belongs?

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Surely the show is painting Delaney as the anti-hero. There is no doubt about that. There is also no doubt Hardy is a master of giving his villainous characters depth and soul. I’m confident he will weave it into Taboo, and I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival.

What did you think of the Taboo premiere?

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