We don’t even need dialogue to know The Real Housewives of Sydney‘s going to be dramatic

We’ve just found our next guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives of Sydney.

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The reality TV show is set to air on Arena on Sunday Feb. 26, and while we still have more than a month to wait, we have the trailer to keep us entertained for now. Here are six things we thought when watching it.

1. There isn’t even any dialogue

Look, we know reality TV can be dramatic, but the trailer for RHOS is so intense that they didn’t even bother to string together a storyline or any proper dialogue — which we can only imagine means screaming and catfights will fill the silence on the show.

2. Athena describes herself as a “spiritual goddess”

She may have chosen to market herself as a “spiritual goddess” (or the show did that for her), but if you’re wondering who Athena X is, her real name is Athena Levendi. She spent her teenage years in Athens, Greece, and is married to an Australian Greek jewellery designer (she’s also a jewellery designer) who owns and runs Levendi Jewellers.

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3. No expense is being spared

The trailer is less than one minute and we’ve already got a glimpse into the seriously lavish lives of these women: Champagne, private yachts, helicopters and the prettiest dresses you have ever seen. Damn!

4. We already smell drama

Maybe it’s just the death stares that all these women have perfected, but we already know this is going to be a series packed with drama.

According to an earlier report, after just two weeks of filming, all hell broke loose on the set with Athena threatening to leave the show after butting heads with Victoria Rees, and the ever-opinionated Lisa Oldfield has already referred to her castmates as a “malevolent bunch of molls.”

Get ready people, it’s coming, and in Oldfield’s own words, it’s going to make The Real Housewives of Melbourne look like a catwalk. Meow!

5. Who is Matty? Apart from being a self-made millionaire

We know the trailer doesn’t tell you too much information about Persian-born Matty Samaei, but we think she’s one to watch out for. Aside from her love of shopping, travelling and — you guessed it — socialising, Matty is also the owner of The Medispa by Matty.

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6. Lisa Oldfield is not just a politician’s wife

Lisa Oldfield, who is married to former politician David Oldfield, is much more than her one-line bio lets on. She is also a successful businesswoman and television presenter.

In fact, she has a bone to pick with the show because of this.

Other ladies joining the cast are model Krissy Marsh; former Miss Australia Nicole O’Neil; actress, model and singer Melissa Tkautz; and interior decorator and beauty product owner, Victoria Rees.

Are you excited for The Real Housewives of Sydney? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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