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Eric Dickerson should never have been on Celebrity Apprentice

The best stars on Celebrity Apprentice are clever and driven — Leeza Gibbons is a great example. Other Celebrity Apprentice contestants are prone to drama, but they’re also incredibly entertaining to watch.

Driven or dramatic, it takes all types to make this show succeed. What we can’t stand is when somebody just can’t be bothered to put in any effort or at least say something interesting. Such was the case with Eric Dickerson, who absolutely deserved his merciless termination at the hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Dickerson showed up late and had a very laid-back attitude. He contributed little to his team’s project, instead letting his fellow contestants do all the hard work. Granted, the project wasn’t the most interesting the show has ever had. It involved filming an infomercial and talk show about grape juice. Still, there was a lot at stake for Dickerson, who had the opportunity to earn serious money for his charity. Evidently, none of that mattered; he made it clear that he didn’t want to be there and would be perfectly happy to go home.

Eric Dickerson
Image: NBC

Not only did Dickerson act ambivalent about the show while putting together his team’s infomercial (or rather, chilling while everybody else did all the hard work), he made the fatal mistake of actively telling Schwarzenegger that he didn’t particularly care if he was fired. That is just not something you say on Celebrity Apprentice. Schwarzenegger was actually about to fire that week’s project manager (Chael Sonnen), but he decided that a complete lack of drive was a much bigger problem than mere incompetence, so he sent Dickerson to the chopper.

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Right before he delivered the always hilarious line, “You’re terminated,” to Dickerson, Schwarzenegger gave him some compelling food for thought: Even if he doesn’t particularly enjoy being on a reality show, Dickerson should work hard so that he can earn money for a deserving charity. Yes, the money would go to some other charity if Dickerson didn’t accomplish anything, but still, it would have been nice to see him try. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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Of course, Dickerson wasn’t the only celebrity ready to head home. Snooki also bowed out way too early and was too willing to give up when the going got tough. But at least she made the show a little more entertaining, even if she was simply the love-to-hate contestant.

We were not at all disappointed to see Dickerson and Snooki go home. They clearly do not belong in this competition. We’re glad that other celebrities actually want to make something of this extraordinary opportunity.

Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger made the right call? Comment and share your opinion below.

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