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Amy Duggar reveals the physical abuse in her past

Amy Duggar’s husband is in the clear.

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In an emotional teaser for the reality star’s upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp, she can be seen describing being lifted by her throat “all the way up to the ceiling.” Considering the show, viewers immediately assumed the incident involved her husband. Now, Duggar is revealing that it wasn’t him, but another male family member.

The abuse happened a long time ago, Duggar told Entertainment Tonight, but talking about it on Marriage Boot Camp helped her to finally move on.

I did get the healing I needed,” she said. “That was something that was always in the back of my mind — a big question mark of why or how it affected me. I left Marriage Boot Camp feeling a lot lighter, and I did forgive that person. That was probably the hardest day.”

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Duggar didn’t say which family member was involved, but she did reveal that she says his name on the show. She also described calling him to give him a heads up before the show airs.

“I called this person and told them what was going on and that kind of thing,” she said. “I think they were shocked about it and a little hurt that it was mentioned, but at the same time, it needed to happen. I needed to forgive that person. It was not something I planned to bring out. When you’re there, you forget cameras are rolling. You’re in therapy. We’ve talked a lot about stuff in our past, but that was something that was very hard for me. And I do love the person that was involved. I love this person a lot.”

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