Who should win Top Chef? Amanda Baumgarten has three female chefs in mind

Jan 9, 2017 at 12:14 p.m. ET
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If you've been hoping the veterans were going to dominate Season 14 of Top Chef, you'd better think again.

Following Sam Talbot's exit, another veteran cheftestant got booted off — Amanda Baumgarten. The judges found the Chicago chef's duck dish boring in the elimination challenge.

So is she surprised she was told to pack her knives and go? And who's she rooting for? Here's what she had to say in our exclusive interview.

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SheKnows: Were you surprised by your elimination?

Amanda Baumgarten: It's never fun getting eliminated, but I had a feeling that it was my time to go.

SK: What was it like working with all the judges on the show? Who's the most intimidating?

AB: All the judges make me nervous, but Padma [Lakshmi] is by far the most intimidating. Her palate is so on point. Nothing gets past her.

SK: Which contestant do you think deserves to win? Or who are you rooting for?

AB: I think this season is all about girl power. I'm torn between Brooke [Williamson], Casey [Thompson], and Shirley [Chung]. I'm rooting for them all!

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SK: Who did you consider your biggest competition?

AB: The female veterans!

SK: Was there anyone on the show you really clashed with? Who was it and why?

AB: I got along with everyone. We all really bonded with each other.

SK: What's one thing that happened behind the scenes viewers didn't get to see on the show?

AB: ...I don't think I can tell you. [Winks]

SK: Who do you think deserved to go home on last night’s episode?

AB: Like I said, I think it was my time to go.

SK: What was the best experience you had on the show?

AB: Getting to know and work with such a group of talented chefs was by far the best part of returning for another season. I'm really proud to call them my friends.

SK: What was the biggest challenge for you on the show?

AB: The clock...

SK: Who's your favorite Top Chef contestant of all time and why?

AB: Katsuji Tanabe!!

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