Kelly Osbourne credits Robin Williams for saving Sharon Osbourne’s life

Robin Williams may be gone, but his inspiration is still felt, especially by the Osbourne family.

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In her upcoming book There’s No Fucking Secret, Kelly Osbourne recounts a time Williams came to her house during the worst of Sharon Osbourne’s cancer battle.

Kelly writes that Sharon was losing the battle, but when Williams came over, something changed.

He “climbed into bed with her… He stayed there all afternoon, and throughout the house, you could hear her cackling with laughter. Shortly after he left, she told us that she’d decided to go back and finish chemo… Robin Williams helped save Mum’s life.”

And it’s a good thing, too, because not only would Sharon probably have succumbed to the disease, but Sharon’s husband, Ozzy Osbourne, might also be gone.

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Kelly also writes that Ozzy was so distraught over Sharon’s cancer, at one point, he overdosed on pills.

After Sharon had a seizure during her cancer treatments, Kelly recounts, “Dad was there in his boxers, and I watched him scoop his hands into a bowl of pills, swallow a handful of something, and then wash it down with vodka.”

Then, in the ambulance, Kelly explains, Ozzy “leaned over to put his hand out to see if Mum was breathing. Then he passed out with his hand over her mouth. The EMTs tried to pull him off, and Dad, not knowing where he was or what he was doing, started to resist out of habit. They pulled over the ambulance and started to call the police.”

Kelly was able to convince them not to go to the police but ended up zip tying her father’s hands to a bar to restrain him.

You can read the rest of Kelly’s family stories in her book, which will be released April 25.

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