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Emerald City highlights the problem with primetime television

Let me start by saying I love prime-time comedies. Modern Family, New Girl, The Big Bang Theory and the like kill it in their time slots. But drama just can’t seem to quite get there lately on any of the major networks.

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Unfortunately, Emerald City seems to fall into that category. It’s almost there. It’s so close to success but, for whatever reason, just doesn’t quite get there.

I wanted to love it. I really, really did. The premise was intriguing, and director Tarsem Singh is an absolute visionary of epic proportions.

Maybe the problem is that Wizard of Oz has simply been reimagined too many times at this point. Maybe it’s because part of me feels like this series is trying too hard to be the new, edgier Once Upon a Time. Maybe it’s that Emerald City wanted to be gritty à la an HBO show but was forced to rein it in because it is, instead, on NBC.

Whatever the reason, I just wasn’t captivated, hanging on the edge of my seat for more.

I’m a big believer that new shows deserve at least a four-episode window to get their act together, so I’ll still be watching Emerald City, keeping my fingers crossed.

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The show definitely does have some things going for it. It’s suspenseful and creepy. The story is not something we’ve ever seen before, even though it’s taking its cues from the Wizard of Oz. The cast is beautifully diverse, which we desperately need on television. The witch of the East was awesome, and saying that doesn’t even do her justice. Maybe most importantly, Emerald City already has fans rooting for it to succeed, me included.

Do you think Emerald City will pick up as the season progresses?

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