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Idris Elba is basically swimming in his own sweat on his new reality show

Confession time. Is this a safe space? Can I say this here? I don’t think Idris Elba is attractive. Like, at all.

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But it’s been recently brought to my attention that some people on the internet have opinions about Elba that are incorrect, like Elle writer R. Eric Thomas, who lost all — and I do mean all — of his shit this morning when a trailer dropped for Elba’s upcoming reality series, Fighter.

“You need to see this. Right now,” Thomas wrote. “And I’ll admit, it might be a little weird for you to watch it at the office for… reasons. But then again I don’t know what your company’s position on sweat-soaked pecs is. Please call Human Resources and inquire.”

I mean, honestly, unless you’re into dramatic voice overs and way more sweat than should ever come out of one human body, you don’t really need to watch it. But here it is, if you must:
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Can we just talk about one thing? Elba is dripping wet in every single scene of that trailer, something that apparently makes Thomas giddy and makes me gag. Who even sweats that much? If he stands still, does he end up standing in a puddle of his own fluids? I cannot.

Image: Giphy

The one thing I will admit is that the show’s premise is pretty impressive. Elba filmed four movies and a TV series last year, and now he’s low-key like, “I’m gonna become a pro fighter and film the whole process,” and just doing it. Just like that. I can hardly make it to spin class three times a week, so…

Still. Does that make the show appealing enough to look past the buckets of sweat dripping streaming off Elba’s body at all times and tune in? Not for me. Don’t @ me, Thomas.

I'll Fight With You GIF
Image: Giphy

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