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DraLo fans have nothing to worry about, even if Drake is texting Nicki Minaj

Drake has been linked to a series of beautiful and talented women over the years, but he’s believed to have now set his sights on Jennifer Lopez. However, she’s not the only women who he’s been texting lately — although it’s not what you think.

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According to a new report from Hollywood Life, Drake has been texting Nicki Minaj quite a bit after she recently confirmed her split from Meek Mill with a tweet about being single (the couple is suspected to have parted ways in December).

And Drake has offered to be a shoulder for her to lean on.

“Drake shot Nicki a few texts after hearing she broke up with that loser Meek,” a source told the publication. “Drake’s hella happy they’re over but wants to make sure that Nicki’s cool and that she’s not hurting or anything. He cares about her and certainly wants to be there for her and be a shoulder for her to lean on and talk to during this breakup.”

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While this report may raise a few eyebrows and leave fans concerned that DraLo could be over before they even really began, that’s really not the case, because according to the source, Drake is completely committed to Lopez.

“Things with Drake and JLo couldn’t be better,” the source said. “They’re going strong [and] Drake doesn’t want JLo to feel threatened or anything.”

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And the best part is that the reason Drake wants to be there for Minaj is because he genuinely cares about her. The source confirmed that they are close friends, and in fact, almost like family.

“They have a five year plus friendship and that means everything to him,” the source revealed, adding, “He’s going to be there for Nicki during this time.”

What do you think of Drake reaching out to Nicki Minaj? Is he a good friend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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