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Hacked or mistake? Y&R’s Eric Braeden’s Twitter account fuels social media frenzy

WARNING: The tweet featured in this article contains offensive language.

Did he or didn’t he? That’s the big question soap fans are asking themselves this week after an offensive and racist tweet appeared on The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden’s timeline.

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The post was not an original tweet, but one that was retweeted from another account and featured a meme with his Y&R character, Victor Newman. It has since been deleted from Braeden’s account, however, the tweet is still available elsewhere on Twitter.

Braeden issued a statement via his publicist to Deadline about the offensive post.

My twitter account was hacked and I deleted the tweet once I saw it,” he said.

He certainly wouldn’t be the first celebrity who fell victim to a hacker. It’s happened countless times over the past few years, from leaked nude photos to Blac Chyna’s recent Instagram issue.

At the same time, it leaves longtime Y&R viewers scratching their heads and wondering if he hastily retweeted the post thinking it was funny. Once he saw the reaction on Twitter, perhaps he had second thoughts and deleted the tweet?

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We will never know the full truth since we don’t know what happened on Braeden’s end when it comes to the hacking incident. We are not privy to that information and it might have been more that just his social media account that was hacked. And while he’s certainly had a few run-ins with his co-stars in the past, he’s always been gracious to his fans.

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Braeden also had taken a stand against racism just two days before on his account by retweeting a post by Oliver Willis. It would seem out of character and rather insensitive to flippantly drop a racist slur just days later.
Braeden has already moved past the controversy by promoting his upcoming book I’ll Be Damned and interacting heavily with his fans on his social media account. By the looks of things, Y&R fans are sticking by Braeden, who has always shown them true class and grace.

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