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Amy Duggar just can’t stand her husband’s attitude anymore

Amy Duggar and her husband, Dillon King, were only married seven months before they started filming for Marriage Boot Camp.

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And while counseling is something that all couples can benefit from, Duggar is now opening up about the problems she and King faced that led them to take the far more serious route of appearing on reality TV to fix their marriage.

It was about Dillon’s tone. His tone drives me completely crazy sometimes, like absolutely insane,” she said in a new interview with Life & Style magazine. “He’ll say, like, ‘Pick up the trash,’ instead of, ‘Hey babe, can you pick up the trash or something?’ It’s the smallest things that can be an issue because of the way he talks to me.”

Duggar did admit, however, that she could work on her communication skills too.

“Sometimes I just freak out instead of talking,” she said.

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According to the promos we’ve already seen for the couple’s season of Marriage Boot Camp, premiering this month, there are some deeper issues with the Kings’ relationship. During one particularly dramatic teaser, Duggar can be seen telling the group about a time King lifted her “all the way up to the ceiling” by her throat.

Duggar and King have also been facing increasing divorce rumors over recent months. They seemed to clap back at the rumors on Christmas, when Duggar posted a photo of them cuddling under their Christmas tree, definitely looking closer than ever rather than on the brink of divorce.

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Do you think Marriage Boot Camp saved Amy Duggar and Dillon King’s relationship?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Jill Duggar love story slideshow
Image: Jill Duggar/Instagram

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