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Johnny Depp’s legal team goes out of their way to burn Amber Heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are well on their way to having the messiest celebrity divorce of all time.

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Despite settling their divorce all the way back in August, the two continue to file motions against each other and drag things out. Most recently, Depp, who still hasn’t paid up his agreed-upon settlement amount, asked a judge to force Heard to pay him $100,000 in sanctions after she filed papers in court asking for a judge’s help getting Depp to pay his settlement.

Depp asked for the money just before Christmas, but his legal team just filed new papers, apparently just to dis Heard.

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Heard “continues to needlessly litigate a case which has been settled, all while parading in front of the media in a desperate attempt to extend her fifteen minutes of fame,” according to the latest motion filed by Depp’s team. The motion also accused Heard of making “an embarrassing grab for additional and unwarranted attorney’s fees,” you know, as Depp demands that she pay him $100,000 because she asked the court to order him to pay the settlement he owes her.

Depp is asking the judge to allow him to just deduct the $100,000 from his next settlement payment if Heard doesn’t give it to him.

Depp agreed to pay Heard close to $7 million when they settled their divorce in August. She pledged to donate the entire amount of the settlement to the ACLU and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles to help combat domestic violence. It’s been widely speculated that Depp is withholding the settlement to make her look bad by failing to make the donations she promised. If that’s actually the case, it’s backfiring big time — Depp is the only one who looks bad here.

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