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Paris Jackson thinks her mom is a major badass for the way she’s battling cancer

There was a time when, according to reports, Paris Jackson and her mother, Debbie Rowe, were not that close, but that has definitely changed.

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Last summer, Rowe’s struggle with breast cancer was made public, but thankfully, she hasn’t had to face the disease alone, because she’s enjoyed the full support of her daughter, Paris Jackson. And on Tuesday, Jan. 3, Jackson took to Instagram to show her support for Rowe in a big way.

Sharing a photo of Rowe holding up a sign that reads “chemo done,” Jackson captioned the post with a touching message. She wrote, “my badass mom, kickin butt n takin names. ain’t she fuckin fabulous????”

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This is not the first time Jackson has been vocal about her support for Rowe during this hard time, and she previously took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and her mother embracing. She captioned it with, “i’m a fighter because she’s a fighter. love you mom.”

The mother-daughter duo have reportedly had a volatile relationship over the years, but are believed to have reconnected last summer when Rowe’s cancer diagnosis was made public — something that Rowe commented on during an October interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Speaking to the outlet of her daughter’s unwavering support, Rowe said, “She’s my rock, she’s amazing.” Adding, “She’s been with me the whole time. She was there. First phone call, [it] took her 30 seconds [to reach out] when she found out.”

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While it’s not a situation anyone ever wants to be in, it’s great to see that Rowe and Jackson were able to forge a better, stronger relationship during this difficult time.

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