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Kim Kardashian West is just trying to fool you with that sneaky social media gag

We always expected Kim Kardashian West’s return to social media to cause a bit of a frenzy, but we thought it would be because she’d made an epic comeback (after laying low following her terrifying robbery in Paris, France), not because she altered her last name.

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But that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday, Jan. 3, when Kardashian West dropped the “West” from her surname on both her Twitter and Instagram handles. Fans reacted with great concern to the move, especially since Kardashian West and her husband Kanye West have been plagued by divorce rumors in recent weeks, and her move seemed to suggest that there was indeed cause for concern.

But not so fast.

Just as quickly as Kardashian West altered her surname, she changed it back again, cementing the fact that she and Kanye are still a happy family. Breaking her social media silence, she posted a photo of herself, Kanye and their two children, North and Saint West.

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The photo shows the entire family wearing white, and Kardashian West chose to caption it with only one word: “family.” Of course, fans ultimately breathed a sigh of relief and expressed their excitement to see Kardashian West not only back on Instagram, but also with her family.

Comments on the picture include one from light7whitetiger, who wrote, “Beautiful! Prayers of strength 4 You & Your Family!”

Brendamoonwalker echoed these thoughts, writing, “You’re back!!!! Miss you! Such a cute family!!” While steff_mariaa commented with “Perfect family.”

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So to conclude, Kim and Kanye West are still very much together and her sneaky name change was nothing to worry about.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

kim and kanye slideshow
Image: Noel Velazquez/Getty Images

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