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Janet Jackson’s baby conspiracy theory is even crazier than Beyoncé’s

In the world of celebrity conspiracy theories, Beyoncé’s so-called fake pregnancy ranks up there as one of the most hotly debated. But leave it to an OG like Janet Jackson to one-up her.

Settle in kids, because this yarn might take a hot minute. And it’s a doozy.

So, as the whole world knows by now, Janet Jackson “gave birth” to her “first” child this week at 50 years old, a baby boy she and husband Wissam Al Mana named Eissa. Why are those words in quotes? That’s where the conspiracy comes in — and this one goes way, way back.

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Last May, we told you about a longstanding rumor, seemingly confirmed by her ex-husband James DeBarge, that a 16-year-old Janet Jackson secretly gave birth to a baby girl who she gave up for adoption. There are various theories on who this secret baby may be, but one contender is her “niece” Brandi, who happened to be adopted by Janet’s brother Jackie in 1982 — when Janet was 16.


Fast-forward a few decades. Last spring, Janet announced her pregnancy at the unlikely age of 49 years old. While some pointed to the probable use of donor eggs as the cause, another theory sprang to light: that Janet wasn’t actually pregnant at all. Instead, the idea goes, she had her secret daughter impregnated to carry the baby for her with the intent of raising the baby as her own — sort of a reversal of fortune, if you will.

No, I’m not kidding. This is a real conspiracy theory being bandied about on the internet. For example:

Another fun addition to the theory is that she did it to excuse canceling her failing world tour.

Y’all, this is way more compelling than Bey’s magically folding stomach.

So what does Jackson have to say about this? Nothing, because we’re lucky we even know about little Eissa in the first place. Jackson is notoriously private, to the point that she was married to René Elizondo for nine years and no one knew about it until they divorced. So if, in fact, this little bundle of joy is actually her biological grandchild, it will probably be yet another secret she will take to the grave.

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