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Brad Pitt just had the ‘worst holiday season’ ever, according to reports

Whether this is a piece of fan fiction or a matter of fact is up for debate, but a new report claims that Brad Pitt’s last couple of weeks were anything but merry and jolly. “This has been the worst holiday season of my life,” he reportedly said according to “one of his closest friends” via the Daily Mail.

The friend didn’t stop there. “Brad’s anguish is palpable right now,” the pal continued. “He desperately misses having his kids with him at Christmas and New Year. These supervised visits are sheer hell on him. He’s broken down in tears so many times — he’s not ashamed to cry anymore.”

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As the Daily Mail reports, Pitt had to say goodbye to his six children and turn them over to a court-appointed supervisor just before Christmas at the end of his third paternal visit since he and Angelina Jolie broke up in September. Pitt gave his children their Christmas presents while under supervision, and the short visitation “seemed to be over in minutes,” the publication said.

To make matters worse, Pitt is apparently wishing things were still the way they once were. “Brad is like a broken man,” the source added. “He feels betrayed by a woman whom he says he still loves. He misses her despite everything that has happened between them.”

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That said, Pitt is supposedly still holding out hope for a reconciliation. “He was blindsided by their divorce — he still believes Angelina made an impulsive decision and can’t figure out how to reverse it and save face,” the insider said. “He vacillates between being furious with her and longing for her. He thumbs through scrapbooks of photos of better times and wonders how it all went wrong. He calls her but she doesn’t return the calls. He sends gifts as peace offerings but she sends them back.”

There’s no chance that Pitt will stumble upon this article, as he has even gone offline, hunkering down in analog lest he catch sight of news about him on the internet. “He’s learned to stay away from the internet rather than risk reading about his situation,” the source said.

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