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Imma need Tom Hardy to read me bedtime stories for the rest of my life now

Even the bad guys have their sweet sides.

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Tom Hardy doesn’t exactly tend to play warm and fuzzy characters in his movies. He’s known for roles like Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Max in Mad Max: Fury Road and John Fitzgerald in The Revenant — none of which are exactly characters you’d want your kid to curl up with for a bedtime story.

Apparently, Hardy is working on rehabbing his image a little, because he’s asking for just that. He appeared on BBC’s children’s network CBeebies to read a bedtime story to viewers, and it’s actually surprisingly sweet. We didn’t know Hardy had this side to him, but more of it, please.

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In the video, Hardy is wearing a hat — appropriate, considering his choice of book to read — and accompanied by a sleepy dog, who is also adorably wearing a top hat as the video begins. Hardy removes the dog’s hat and then starts in on his story, Simon Philip and Kate Hindley’s You Must Bring A Hat.

The silly children’s book is about a boy who is invited to a party where headwear is required. Realizing he doesn’t own a hat, the boy sets out on an adventure to find one, enlisting the help of a friendly badger and some other nice animals along the way, so he can attend the party. Hardy gets pretty into his dramatic rendition of the story, and honestly, I’d let him read a bedtime story to my kids if I had any.

Anyway, it’s a little bizarre, a lot cute and a side of Hardy we’ve never seen before. Definitely check the video out for yourself.
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