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We can’t get over [SPOILER]’s death on Sherlock — here’s why

On Sunday, Jan. 1., Sherlock finally returned with its Season 4 premiere after way too long a hiatus. If you’ve yet to watch the episode, then read no further due to major spoilers.

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There’s no doubt the new episode delivered on many levels, including its twists, turns, excitement and jokes. However, there was one thing fans probably weren’t expecting. Obviously, we’re talking about that shocking death.

Did anyone really think Mary would die? That’s right, Mary Watson is no more. After her past life as an agent came back to haunt her, Mary ended up jumping in front of Sherlock and saving him from a fatal bullet. She truly was a heroic badass. Both Mary and her portrayer, Amanda Abbington, will be missed greatly.

Mary’s death is one of the most heartbreaking things to have ever happened in the series. There have been plenty of devastating moments, but this one truly takes the cake. With that said, let’s become even more depressed over it by listing some of the reasons Mary’s demise is extremely devastating.

1. Mary was a badass

Mary Watson
Image: Tumblr

What makes her death all the more upsetting is that she was one of the few female characters on Sherlock. Plus, she was a badass who never needed saving, held her own against both Sherlock and John, could take down any enemy who crossed her and inspired women of all ages along the way.

2. John and Mary didn’t end on solid terms

John Watson
Image: Tumblr

Mary and John’s relationship was never perfect, especially with Mary’s lies about her true identity and past life. Her secrets and choice to run away in Season 4 definitely caused friction with John. Then, there is that whole thing with John talking to that random woman, all the while making him super-unlikeable. He was never shown sleeping with the woman, but he was texting her quite a bit. Granted, he seemingly cut things off with her, but there’s no doubt his marriage with Mary didn’t end on happy terms.

3. John and Sherlock are at odds

Molly, Sherlock
Image: Tumblr

Remember when Sherlock made a vow to always protect John, Mary and now Rosie? Well, John is angry at Sherlock for not following through, because Mary is now dead. He wants nothing to do with Sherlock. Whenever these two are apart, it just doesn’t feel right and is truly upsetting.

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4. Sherlock is now in therapy

Image: Tumblr

We never thought we’d see the day Sherlock voluntarily went to see a therapist. That’s how much of an affect Mary’s death has had on him. He is beyond heartbroken. He also probably feels somewhat guilty that Mary saved his life and not the other way around. It’s rare to see Sherlock become emotional and when he does, it’s, well, emotional.

5. John needs saving

Mary Watson
Image: Tumblr

In anticipation of her death, Mary sent Sherlock a disc giving him one last case: “Save John Watson.” He is going to need saving more now than ever. Here’s hoping Sherlock is up to the task and won’t give up, because John is going through so much at the moment.

6. Rosie doesn’t have a mother anymore

John, Mary, Sherlock
Image: Tumblr

To see Mary pregnant, give birth, show so much love to her baby girl and then die was all difficult to watch. The only way Rosie will remember her mother is through photos and stories from friends and family, but mainly her father.

7. Her goodbye to John

John and Mary
Image: Tumblr

After getting shot and John trying to save her life, Mary said to him, “I think this is it… you made me so happy.” She then added, “Being Mary Watson was the only life worth living.” If you didn’t cry at this point, then you clearly have no heart.

8. Her goodbye to Sherlock

Mary Watson
Image: Tumblr

Mary always genuinely liked Sherlock. As she was dying, she told him that again. A look of pure sadness overcame Sherlock, which was a lot to take in. See? He does have feelings.

Mary, you’ll never be forgotten.

Sherlock airs Sundays at 9/8c on PBS.

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