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Can Nick Viall finally find love on The Bachelor?

Nick Viall is the new Bachelor and has been a repeat contestant on both The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise where he has not succeed in finding long term love. In this week’s show, he began by talking about how he has had his heart broken numerous times on TV. Yet for some reason he feels like this is the right route for him to find love, even with several failures on shows like this before. I’m not sure if he realizes the mistake in repeating something that is not working will not necessarily turn out with a different result. But I guess he is hopeful it is different this time.

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The show continues with four other previous Bachelor stars bragging about how great Nick is, and then Nick shows up to get advice from them. Though Sean Lowe is the only one in that group that married the woman he chose on the TV show. Ben Higgins tells Nick to be himself and tells the camera that Nick is coming in with baggage since he has had so many failed relationships on TV. First of all, let’s move away from that term baggage. Most people have had failed romances and it’s not really fair to paint Nick as this guy who could not find love on a TV show. A lot of people have failed relationships before they find a healthy one.

We are then introduced to the group of women contestants, all of whom fawn and gush over a man that they have never met before. The two age appropriate contestants for Nick are Rachel who is the oldest on the show at 31, and 30 year old Danielle – both seem like great matches for him. The rest of the group are all a lot younger than he is. Remember he is 36 and there are women on the show that are 23 and 24. That’s a thirteen year age difference. I think in order for him to succeed at love that he needs to account for age and he might need someone closer to 36 than in their twenties.

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The parade of women continues out of the limos with introductions of Nick to all these women vying for his attention. He compliments most of the women on their appearances and pretty uneventful chitchat occurs. One women gets out of the limo and tells him that her friends don’t like him, which is probably not very fair since they don’t know him. But inside the mansion most of the women discuss how Nick has been on the show numerous times and they wonder if he is like the villain he has seen as on previous season. For the flair factor, one woman dresses up in a shark costume and the other women automatically label her as the crazy one. I think these women need to lighten up a bit for being judgmental.

The big scandal of the night was that Nick had previously met one of the contestants at a wedding, Liz. The show highlights this as scandalous and the camera zooms in on Nick’s facial expression as he ponders who she is, as apparently he did not recognize her when she was introduced. I find this an odd story line to put so much focus on here, and Liz seems to feel like this will give her some kind of advantage, but turns out Nick wondered why she never called him in the nine months since they met.

Nick tells the contestants that he is not running away from his past and he wants everyone to feel as empowered as possible, and to leave with no regrets. One women actually said she felt empowered after his toast. While it was a pretty fair statement that he made, I would like to assume that everyone in that room understands that a relationship is based off equality and hopefully these women feel confident and empowered before they ever enter the mansion, and not because of Nick. Confidence is a lot prettier than a sequin dress anyways.

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