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Mel C & Victoria Beckham had a nostalgic Spice Girls reunion on New Year’s Eve

Stop right there and thank you very, very much because a mini-Spice Girls reunion happened that we need to talk about.

Mel C performed New Year’s Eve in Maldives and was joined onstage for one glorious moment by fellow former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. The pair got together to perform their classic slow jam “2 Become 1,” which admittedly is a pretty romantic song, but also worked really well as a simple reunion song about two pop stars becoming one for a truly nostalgic performance. Are you feeling the love yet?

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Mel C, known in real life as Melanie Chisholm, looked absolutely back in her element as she embraced Beckham onstage. Luckily, fans were dutiful enough to not only take pictures but also capture a super-sweet video of them singing together. Can you even believe how great they sound together after all these years?

While Beckham has previously stayed away from being associated with the rumors of a Spice Girls reunion, this reunion with Chisholm gives credence to the fact she may be doing otherwise. This reunion is even more intriguing when you recall the fact that Chisholm also opted out of any kind of reunion, which led Mel B, Geri Halliwell, and Emma Bunton to rename themselves GEM. Perhaps this mini-reunion performance is indicating a change of heart?

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Regardless of whether or not the pair will actually be joining GEM and re-creating the totally glorious heydays of the Spice Girls in 2017, you cannot deny that seeing Chisholm and Beckham onstage once more was a perfect trip down memory lane. Is it just me, or do you suddenly have the urge to pop in a Spice Girls CD right about now?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Spice Girls slideshow
Image: L. Gallo/WENN

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