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DraLo spent New Year’s Eve together, so they’ve gotta be serious, right?

Ever since he posted an almost proof-positive confirmation of their relationship on Instagram, Drake has been at the center of the rumors that he is getting cozy with Jennifer Lopez. But why won’t Drake and Lopez officially confirm their relationship so we can all celebrate and move on? The pair has been pretty shy about saying anything aside from what they post on social media (which isn’t much), which has left us — the eager fans — to rely on insider confirmations and other people’s social media posts to confirm what many of us believe may already be true.

Such an occasion arose when Fox 5 Vegas reporter Chernéy Amhara attended Drake’s New Year’s Eve performance at Vegas hotspot Hakkasan. During the evening, Amhara managed to get a video of the crowd at Drake’s table happily dancing while Drake performed. Amhara noticed one very special person in particular who seemed really into the performance, though. I’ll give you three guesses who it might be.

Yeah, that’s right: It was Lopez. Of course it was Lopez. At this point, there are only two possibilities for why Lopez would have attended Drake’s performance so close to the now-infamous Instagram of the pair snuggling by the fireside. The first option is that Lopez just so happened to want to go to Vegas to ring in 2017 and Drake’s Hakkasan gig was the only cool event in town. The likelier option is that Lopez was there supporting her main squeeze. C’mon guys; we see you. Just tell us that you’re dating.

The pair never snapped a picture together during the evening, but they did post some handsome snaps on their own. Lopez’s New Year’s Eve Instagram is especially interesting. Take a look.

Make sure to pay attention to Lopez’s captions. I mean, could the signs be any clearer?

I think they make a rather handsome couple. Even if they are just friends, at least they rang in 2017 looking incredibly dapper.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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