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Nick Viall’s The Bachelor premiere left out some essential moments

Just because a girl dressed up as a dolphin/shark doesn’t mean The Bachelor premiere got everything right.

The show left out some critical premiere night moments of the past. Let’s start with what was included.

1. Nick got shirtless…

2. …And he showered

All in about the first five minutes of the show. Because what would a Bachelor premiere be without a naked and wet bachelor?

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3. There were some fantastically cheesy puns

The hump jokes were all over the place with that camel. Oh, and the running shoes because Nick is always the “runner-up.”

4. There was the girl from his past

Liz and Nick slept together during Jade and Tanner’s wedding, and after she did the rejecting following the sex, she decided to show up on national television to talk it out with him three months later. Still, Nick gave her a rose, but I don’t blame him for being skeptical about Liz’s motives.

5. Nick isn’t into the “right reasons”

Just because Nick is skeptical about Liz’s intentions, doesn’t mean he’s going to get preachy this season about the girls’ motives. In fact, he made it clear in his conversation with Liz that he isn’t interested in that. But it won’t stop him from his well-founded fear of rejection.

6. There was kissing

Corinne is already making enemies after she pounced on Nick the first chance she got. Even Nick was taken aback by the bold moves. But that doesn’t mean he’s against kissing on the first date. He gave first-impression rose winner Rachel a romantic smooch.

7. He talked about his past. A lot.

What would a season of The Bachelor be without baggage? And Nick has got more than maybe any other contestant ever, which is saying something considering that Brad didn’t pick a woman at all during his season and then came back for a second go at it.

8. There’s sex drama… so much sex drama

Sex drama seems to follow Nick around like the plague. And thanks to him, the show has become a think tank discussion into dating etiquette in the 21st century. Forget kissing and telling; Nick sexes and tells. But it doesn’t look like it’ll be him doing the telling this season. Rather, Corinne is doing “the trying desperately to get him naked,” and Liz is blabbing to the other girls about her one-night stand with Nick before filming.

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Granted, that’s a lot of Bachelor essentials the show managed to hit on all in the first episode alone. I loved every minute of the building drama and tension. That being said, I was surprised at the key storylines that were seemingly left out.

1. No one got super-drunk

Sure, there were girls who were drunk. But no one got so sloppy that they’re worth mentioning in this post. And that might be a first.

2. No moms

None of the women seem to have children, another rarity for the show.

3. No divorcées or widows

Just like with the moms, none of the women talked about their past with other men. Usually, the women come from all different backgrounds and stages of relationship life.

5. No outrageous professions

Yes, there was an aspiring dolphin trainer, but she actually seemed really serious about those dolphins. Let’s not forget that Emily and Haley Ferguson were introduced on Ben Higgins’ season simply as “twins.” Compared to that, the aspiring dolphin trainer seems super-legit.

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4. No stylist, clearly

Why were there so many red dresses?! And why were the girls so freaked out that so many were wearing red?! If that’s all they had to freak out about, then I’m going to go ahead and call this a tame premiere.

Did you notice any other Bachelor essentials missing from Nick Viall’s premiere?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Bachelor Season 21 contestants slideshow
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