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Cheryl Hines stole the show on MasterChef Celebrity Showdown

Every show is more amusing when it features inept celebrities, so of course, MasterChef is a delight when our favorite celebs attempt to make magic in the kitchen. This year’s MasterChef Celebrity Showdown was no exception. From NeNe Leakes to Tiki and Ronde Barber, a variety of celebrities tried their best to impress Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi. Our favorite by far, however, was Cheryl Hines, and not just because she can whip up a mean serving of chicken and waffles.

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Hines is amazing as the wife (and eventual ex-wife) of Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm, but she’s even more entertaining on reality television. From the moment she stepped out for her battle against Kal Penn, she was a ball of energy. She became more and more lively as the challenge went on. She was aided, of course, by the beer that she was supposed to use as an ingredient in her dish. A few chugs of beer and she was positively giddy. Her animated facial expressions lit up the show.

Cheryl Hines
Image: FOX

The most surprising moment occurred when Hines approached Penn from behind with tongs in hopes of teasing him. Instead, she accidentally poked him in the eye. She didn’t mean any harm, and Penn took it in stride. The mishap didn’t stop her from being a goofball in the kitchen!

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Ultimately, Penn came away with the win. It was by no means a pity victory, as he did an excellent job with his tacos. But as both Ramsay and Tosi acknowledged, it was a very close contest. Hines’ fried chicken was commended by the pair of judges, although Ramsay thought her waffles were a bit too sweet. He was, however, impressed by her ability to include beer in the waffles, chicken and the marmalade.

Cheryl Hines
Image: FOX

Hines may not have won the prize for best culinary concoction, but she did make MasterChef Celebrity Showdown immeasurably more entertaining. Yes, the show’s other contestants were also fun to watch, but there was just something special about Hines. Perhaps all celebrities involved in the show should be treated to a bottle of beer!

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What did you think of Cheryl Hines on MasterChef Celebrity Showdown? Should she have beat Kal Penn? Comment and share your opinion below.

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