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Don’t discount Arnold Schwarzenegger as the new boss on Celebrity Apprentice

Two years and countless Trump scandals later… and Celebrity Apprentice has finally returned. A lot has changed since Leeza Gibbons won, including a move to California, and of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger taking over as top dog. So far, we’re loving the show’s fresh new vibe.

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There are definitely some big changes to Celebrity Apprentice, but the basic structure of the show remains essentially the same: Two groups of celebrities must work on challenging projects. One member of the losing team is eliminated, but instead of hearing Trump’s infamous “You’re fired,” the unfortunate contestant receives a deliciously cheesy line from Schwarzenegger, plus a ride over Los Angeles in (what else?) a chopper.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Image: NBC

Schwarzenegger brings a different energy to the show, and we’re not just talking about the addition of iconic movie lines. Despite being a huge movie star and former politician, he does a surprisingly good job of relating to the contestants. He tells them interesting stories of how he overcame significant challenges — and yes, he has gone through some difficult times. For example, he chatted with the female team about how, as a teenager promoting his gym, he stood outside in the town square and posed in his underwear. His goal in telling this story was to communicate the importance of going above and beyond.

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Schwarzenegger has received a lot of positive feedback from viewers thus far, but not everybody is into his approach. He’s been attacked for being too cheesy and for not firing Snooki, who clearly deserved to be let go. Other viewers frowned on his exchange with Jon Lovitz, who he demanded address him as “the Governor” and not by his first name.

Some Twitter users were relieved that Trump was out of the picture, although a few were quick to acknowledge that, given the choice, they’d much rather have him as reality star than as president.

Whatever you think of Donald Trump’s politics, he definitely deserves credit for his accomplishments with The Apprentice. That being said, the switch to Arnold Schwarzenegger is not necessarily a bad thing. Roll your eyes all you want at his cheesy one-liners, but we’ll never get enough of hearing, “Hasta la vista, baby!”

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What do you think of the new Celebrity Apprentice? Is it better without Donald Trump or has it lost its original spark? Comment and share your opinion below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

The Apprentice: Where are they now slideshow
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