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Azealia Banks’ closet remodel video is straight out of your nightmares

Tons of people start the new year off by doing something like cleaning out a closet or some light remodeling. A fresh start deserves a fresh living space, right? Azealia Banks did both of those, and chose to ring in the new year by remodeling a closet in her home. She even went all HGTV about it and posted a video online so we could follow her progress.

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But wait. We know enough about Azealia Banks not to be surprised by anything she does anymore, and this was still shocking. Apparently, the closet she’s remodeling was used for brujería, a Spanish word for witchcraft, which might mean that she was literally sacrificing animals inside that closet.

And before you think that sounds way too extreme and there’s no way someone would actually perform animal sacrifices in their closet, well, just watch the video. It’s not paint she’s sandblasting off the floor and walls. It’s blood and chicken feathers.

Warning: This video is very NSFW.

The video itself is pretty horrifying, but that’s only amplified by Banks’ completely cavalier attitude about it all, like it’s perfectly normal to have to sandblast dried blood and chicken feathers off the floor of a room in your house. She’s wearing safety goggles, and at one point, looks at the camera and says, “Real witches do real things.” Just completely nonchalant like that.

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Twitter reacted just about how you’d expect — with both fascination and disgust.

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Happy 2017!

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