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Those Will & Grace revival rumors may actually be true this time, you guys

This may the best news ever: We’re closer than ever to all but officially confirming that a Will & Grace revival is happening in 2017. This is not a drill, people. This is real. Barely 24 hours into 2017, Megan Mullally (better known as Karen Walker on Will & Grace) posted a somewhat cryptic tweet involving the core Will & Grace cast. Ambiguously captioned, “Self-explan” (short for “self-explanatory”), the photo Mullally included featured the cast smiling and throwing martinis toward the camera. It’s a totally joyous picture for what could be some totally joyous news. But do we have a real reason to get our hopes up?

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There have been rumors of a Will & Grace revival floating around out there since late 2016. It had been tough to know whether the revival was actually happening, partially because of the popularity of ’90s and ’00s reboots in 2016 (Fuller House, Gilmore Girls) and partially because the cast kept dropping little hints. Those October and November 2016 hints were actually in reference to an Election Day minisode that briefly revisited Will, Grace, Karen & Jack as they reconvened in Will and Grace’s apartment to discuss who they were voting for. Now, Mullally’s tweet (and subsequent Instagram post) seems to be stirring up those revival rumors again, and it may finally be time to get your hopes up.
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So where does rumor actually meet truth? Following the success of the Election Day episode, there was discussion of a Will & Grace revival at NBC because why not follow that hype? Talks died down over the holidays; now, the fact that Mullally is yet again posting about the show could be some form of excitement-building for the official announcement. While there is no official confirmation from NBC, The Hollywood Reporter wrote about actor Leslie Jordan’s recent comments that NBC ordered 10 episodes and that the revival will allegedly go into production sometime in July.

Because there is no official word from NBC, we have no way of knowing yet whether the revival will stream on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or NBC itself; the possibilities, however, are endless. That’s especially true for what the revival would actually cover. If the 10-episode rumor is true, there won’t be much time to fully explore the lives of Will, Grace, Karen and Jack in 2017 (although the Election Day episode did cover some major ground). Any guess about the plot is a good one, though, because it means that no matter what, we’ll have a Will & Grace revival to revel in.

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I sincerely hope that Mullally’s tweet is not just a New Year’s throwback, but instead a confirmation of the revival. Sure, it’s great to wish people a Happy New Year, but wouldn’t the confirmation of a revival just be so much better?

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