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Nick Viall may be the most hated Bachelor yet

Nick Viall faced a hate-fueled roast during The Bachelor: Countdown to Nick.

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After the show recapped Viall’s Bachelor Nation journey, from being Andi Dorfman’s runner-up to Kaitlyn Bristowe’s runner-up to making Jen Saviano his runner-up on Bachelor in Paradise, Viall took the stage — only to be hated on by Bachelor Nation fans.

The show set Viall up in a booth where fans were allowed to line up to tell him how they really felt about him. And they didn’t hold back.

One fan said that her friends and family have always hated him.

Then another said, “Basically, I just don’t like you.”

Viall replied that he doesn’t like himself sometimes either. What?! I felt myself getting teary-eyed for him!

But the hate wasn’t complete until another called out Viall for his tight pants.

All in all, it was unnecessarily brutal.

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I’ll be the first one to admit, I’m a huge Nick Viall fan, and I can’t wait to see him as the Bachelor. So what’s with all the continued hate? Hasn’t Nick suffered enough heartbreak? He was, after all, left brokenhearted by Bachelorettes Bristowe and Dorfman. I really don’t think he needs fan rejection, too.

Plus, what reasons do people have for hating him? I just don’t understand it. Are people still upset that he dished on his fantasy suite time with Dorfman? Because I really don’t blame him for that one. He was grieving and he wanted an explanation, and she wouldn’t talk to him except in front of the cameras. It was the only opportunity he had to get that closure.

Then, he did everything right with Bristowe. She initiated the pre-fantasy suite sex. It was definitely consensual, and she’s the one who was dating multiple men. Not that I think either of them did anything wrong. That’s exactly the point.

Sure, there are rumors that he dumped Saviano when he found out he was chosen as the Bachelor. If that’s the case, then that’s not so cool, but so far, that’s just rumors.

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All in all, I believe Viall is genuine and is earnestly searching for his wife.

Can we please cut the guy a break already and support him in his journey on The Bachelor?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Bachelor Season 21 contestants slideshow
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