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DraLo is for real but Jennifer Lopez isn’t trying to make Drake her BF

Jennifer Lopez is real: What you see is what you get. Well, we’re seeing that DraLo is for real, and it is one ‘ship we are ready to jump on. Yes, Drake and Lopez are actually dating!

However, a new source for E! News says the relationship is happening, but it’s not that serious. While the pair are 100 percent dating, Lopez isn’t considering Drake a potential serious boyfriend yet.

“She’s having fun,” the inside source told E! News.

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Lopez has been living it up with Drake this holiday season, but this source believes that Lopez and former beau Casper Smart will reunite sometime in 2017! They did date for five years, after all.

“I think she and Casper will get back together,” the source added. “He’s a great guy and she knows it. They just need a break right now.”

However, a different source reportedly told E! News that Lopez and Smart likely won’t get back together, but they didn’t go all Taylor Swift on us and say “like ever.”

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Rumors first started flying about a Drake and JLo romance when the “One Dance” singer attended two of Lopez’s Las Vegas Jennifer Lopez: All I Have concerts in a row at the beginning of December. Then, we all knew something was definitely going on between the two superstars when both Drake and Lopez posted the same photo snuggling together on a couch just a few days ago.

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Last night, DraLo became as real as ever when Drake and Lopez were spotted together at a prom-themed Winter Wonderland party. They were named prom king and queen and were caught getting all kinds of close on the dance floor. There’s even video to prove it happened!

The pair were also reportedly spotted taking adorable photo booth pics and even making out on the dance floor. OMG. We honestly can’t wait to see what happens with this budding couple in 2017.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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