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BIP‘s Amanda Stanton isn’t casually ignoring those breakup rumors anymore

Update: Jan. 3, 2017, 7:20 a.m. PT: Us Weekly reports that Stanton has confirmed her split from Murray. On Jan. 2, Stanton stated, “We did break up. It’s been kind of a weird situation because we broke up and we didn’t release a statement, obviously, so I think people have been kind of going crazy wondering if we’re together or if we’re not, and we’re not.” The confirmation of this split is truly disheartening, especially considering previous hope that the rumors of a split were just that: rumors.

Stanton concluded her announcement by saying, “It wasn’t something that I was trying to hide. I just didn’t know what the right time was to say something or really what to say about it. I think it’s good to kind of set the record straight. Hopefully, everyone can know the truth now.” Sad news for Bachelor Nation, but hey, it sounds like two new eligible singles just entered the dating arena once again. Best of luck to them both.

Original article:

Could it be that Bachelor In Paradise‘s Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray didn’t break up after all?

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After watching them join at the mouth and become one for an entire season of BIP, we couldn’t help but root for these two. Murray is a little sketchy, sure, but Stanton is the sweetest human on the planet, and if she doesn’t deserve love, none of us does.

Then, weeks ago, rumors started to surface saying that despite being one of the strongest couples to leave paradise together, Murray and Stanton had broken up. Multiple sources confirmed it: They reportedly had a nasty fight and went their separate ways.

Or did they?

An observant fan caught Murray and Stanton shopping together earlier this week and snapped a pic with them to post to Twitter.

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In the snap, they look happy and relaxed. Why would they be happily shopping together right after a breakup? That just doesn’t make any sense.

Of course, there’s still the possibility that Murray and Stanton are just trying to trick us by keeping their relationship status under wraps until they can reveal it themselves. They’ve been in Georgia all week filming a new Bachelor special, “Countdown To Nick,” which is set to air Sunday, and it’s widely speculated that they’ll confirm the breakup rumors — or put them to rest — on the show.

As of now, neither Murray nor Stanton has specifically addressed the reports about their breakup, so while there are a lot of conflicting signs that could go either way, we probably have to wait until Sunday to know for sure.

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