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Drake and Jennifer Lopez are officially DraLo

We kind of already knew this moment was coming.

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Drake and Jennifer Lopez have been slowly but steadily moving their budding romance from the shadows into the public eye, and they’re officially not even trying to hide it anymore. They’re definitely together, and they don’t care if the whole world is watching, which is kind of awkward because they’re also at that new couple stage where they’re just all over each other.

They went together to a prom-themed Winter Wonderland party, where they were named king and queen (of course) and were also caught on a lot of bystanders’ cameras getting really, really cozy on the dance floor.

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What makes all this footage even better is that they seem to be dancing to an unreleased track they made together — both their voices can be heard in the duet that’s playing in the background. They need to drop their music for real, ASAP.

Onlookers said they were cuddly and close all night, made out on the dance floor, took cute photo booth pics together and other gross things that definitely mean they are a couple for real. Not that anyone is surprised by that after the cuddly photo they both dropped on Instagram earlier this week.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

drake's girlfriends slidesehow
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